Questar to pursue gas-power convergence strategy

HOUSTON, Mar. 14௿½Reflecting a new convergence strategy, integrated gas company Questar Corp. will pursue power plant acquisition or development along its pipeline system in the Rocky Mountains.

The U.S. nuclear power industry achieved its second straight year of record power generation levels during 2000. According to information released today by the Energy Information Administration, total power generated was 753.9 billion kWh, 3.5 percent above the previous record of 728.1 billion kWh set in 1999. This represents continued growth in power production for the nuclear power industry that had produced only 577.0 million kWh as recently as 1990. The record year 2000 output was achieved despite the fact that the industry now has only 103 operating reactors compared to 111 operating reactors as recently as 1990. Record output was attained through an annual net capacity factor of 89.1 percent during 2000 compared to 85.5 percent in 1999 and 70.2 percent in 1990.

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