RAMAR Enters U.S. Market

RAMAR Enters U.S. Market

RAMAR Technology Ltd, Europe`s leading designer and supplier of remote and automatic systems to read gas, water and electricity meters by radio, has announced the launch of its new range of radio AMR products for the United States. Based on company reports, the new system will produce dramatic meter reading cost savings as well as other benefits of remote meter reading.

RAMAR`s AMR solution comprises two key elements: a radio device that transmits data from the meter (TransPondIT) and a data collection device. The TransPondIT collects data from the meter and transmits it to a data collection device, which may either be handheld (HandTrackIT), vehicle-based (FastTrackIT) or fixed (CellTrackIT).

“As a result of its compatibility with all existing handhelds and route management systems, RAMAR`s automatic meter reading solution is extremely low cost to install and will provide utilities with dramatic meter reading cost savings,” said Neil Ritchie, RAMAR sales and marketing manager.

TransPondIT works with pulse output and encoded meters from all major manufacturers, while TransPondIT ID can be factory or field programmed. HandTrackIT interfaces with all handheld terminals and route management software. Utilities` existing investments in meters, handhelds and software are therefore protected.

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