Real-time gateway delivers meter consumption information to energy consumers

AUSTIN, Texas, June 6, 2002 — Tensleep Corp. announced the availability of the EnergyMatrixà¢â€ž- EM-102 by Appliance Partners, a strategic partner.

The EM-102 adds an additional dimension to the EM-101. The EM-101 is a real time gateway for delivery of flexible, customer-friendly meter consumption information, and the EM-102 adds a steel desktop enclosure with a 2 x 20 character LCD display.

Its standard 10BaseT Ethernet connection provides a robust interface for metered interval data via standard or custom Web pages through a standard Web browser.

The robust EnergyMatrix embedded platform provides an open based application that can interface with industry standard meters, and gives the device an addressable Internet location that is readily accessible.

“With the availability of real time access to metered consumption data, customers can control their energy use and aggressively negotiate more advantageous rates, thereby reducing their energy costs,” stated Dennis Kaliher, director of marketing for Appliance Partners. “We are excited about the energy saving opportunities, when using the EnergyMatrixà¢â€ž- product line, in a deregulated energy industry.”

The EnergyMatrixà¢â€ž- series of products are designed to provide a valuable real time access to metered energy and water consumption data to support time-of-use rates and demand response programs.

Information provided by using these products can provide consumers, municipalities, and property managers with the knowledge they need to negotiate more favorable utility rates, and they can also provide utilities with the means to implement energy buyback or load curtailment programs that support effective demand response.

Appliance Partners is a strategic partnership formed in 2000 between Appliance-Lab and Tensleep for the purpose of providing better communications in the use of energy management systems in the energy and utility industries. For more information on Appliance Partners, including EnergyMatrixà¢â€ž- pricing information, visit

Tensleep acquires and licenses technology and develops high-tech, Internet-related and energy management system companies. The company’s subsidiaries and strategic partners are focused in developing, manufacturing and selling Internet and communications products, services and solutions in niche markets.

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