Real-time software solution improves service and inventory throughput

CHARLOTTE, N.C., June 12, 2002 — LIS, a global provider of Supply Chain Execution solutions, has released VirtualView, a Web-enabled command and control tool.

VirtualView provides users with the ability to view the breadth of their supply and distribution network, while improving customer service and significantly reducing costs.

“Imagine a supply chain that automatically reroutes orders around warehouse bottlenecks, inventory shortages and transport delays. This can happen, but only for companies that have complete visibility of their logistics operations. That means implementing a solution such as VirtualView,” said Bob Carver, vice president sales and marketing for LIS.

According to Carver, VirtualView is typical of LIS’ approach to customer solutions, because it does not rely on the complex integration of multiple systems. Although LIS is an established supplier of warehouse management systems, VirtualView is an independent solution, extracting data from any warehouse management system (WMS), ERP suite, or other supply chain system.

“VirtualView enables companies to easily integrate information from their own systems and those of suppliers, customers and partners,” said Carver. “Implementation is straightforward and cost-effective. It delivers measurable benefits across the extended supply chain in a matter of weeks.”

Real-Time Response
Whether it’s run by the customer or by one or more third-party logistics providers, VirtualView creates a real-time view of the extended supply chain. Through constant monitoring, its advanced alert functionality allows companies to respond automatically to events in the supply chain without human intervention, such as directing orders to the correct warehouse, site-to-site transfers, and routine cross-docking.

However, not every problem is routine. To overcome this challenge, VirtualView uses management by exception to react to critical events. As soon as an event happens, or an expected event does not, VirtualView sends an alert to management via e-mail, a pager, or a text message on a phone. VirtualView also alerts external applications (such as a WMS), by providing instructions on how to deal with the event. Recognizing that information loses its value quickly, users are notified in ample time to take action and avoid costly errors.

Cost Savings
A company can’t make money with its product sitting idle in a warehouse. Using VirtualView, controllers can see the inventory available in each warehouse and rapidly deploy it to where it is needed, rather than tying up space and stock at multiple locations.

In addition, suppliers and customers can be given secure remote access to VirtualView to carry out tasks that would otherwise be performed by the company itself. Using a Web browser, suppliers can log on to pre-advise deliveries and download bar-coded labels, which allows for single-scan receiving. This functionality saves the customer time and expense when receiving goods and greatly improves cross-docking capabilities.

Improved Customer Service
Service is enhanced as visibility allows operations to adapt quickly to changes in demand by providing increased flexibility and responsiveness. By the same token, customers are able to log on to a secure Web page to view the status of their orders and make changes until the order reaches the picking phase.

About LIS
Established in 1985, LIS is a global provider of warehouse management system and supply-chain event management solutions. LIS serves manufacturers, distributors and retailers on four continents, and has offices in the U.K., Belgium, the Netherlands, France and the United States. The U.S. head office is located in Charlotte, N.C. For more information, visit

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