The Model 3100 public safety answering point telephone console now has an instant recall recorder and test design description options allowing the recording of up to 20 telephone conversations with a total recording duration of more than eight minutes. Recording may be enabled on a line basis and fast forward/reverse is provided for message searching. Playback audio can be routed to either handset or headset. The test design description option supports both Baudot and ASCII communications at standard baud rates of 45.5 and 300 bps–selection of the correct protocol is automatically performed. Both options are fully compliant with NENA-04-001. The M3100 provides a cost-effective upgrade path for existing 1A2 telephone systems. In its minimum configuration, the system accommodates nine telephone lines with provisions for expansion to

100 lines in 10-line increments.

Zetron–Inquire R.S. 123

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