Report finds SPL WorldGroup leads current vendors in number of utilities using its systems

MORRISTOWN, N.J., July 29, 2002 — According to the Chartwell Report on CIS Installations in North America, more utilities — a total of 39 out of 337 analyzed by Chartwell — use customer management systems from SPL WorldGroup than from any other vendor currently in the market.

Additionally, SPL systems serve more utility customers than do other vendor-supported systems — a total of 14 million. In a segmented analysis of the market, Chartwell found that SPL systems serve 10 percent of all customers at investor-owned utilities and 15 percent of all customers at municipal utilities.

Slightly more than 100 utilities, Chartwell found, use CIS systems developed in-house. Utility staff developed about two-thirds of those systems+ADs- consultants developed the remaining third. An additional 19 utilities serve 32 million customers with the Customer/1 CIS system, developed by Accenture (formerly Anderson Consulting), which no longer supports it.

+ACI-We are pleased that Chartwell has confirmed what we have long known,+ACI- commented SPL CEO CD Hobbs. +ACI-SPL customer management systems have won outstanding support in North American utilities, as they have worldwide, in regulated, competitive, and transitioning markets. As for the future,+ACI- he continued, +ACI-we are dedicated to ensuring that our flagship product, the CorDaptix+ACY-trade+ADs- customer management system, continues to evolve with all of our markets to solidify and expand our leading position.+ACI-

The Report on CIS Installations is based on Chartwell’s proprietary database of North American utility CIS/billing installations. The database accounts for more than 139 million end-use customer accounts from electric, gas, and water utilities in the U.S. and Canada.

Additional information about the Report is available at or by calling (800) 432-5879.

About Chartwell

Based in Atlanta, Ga., Chartwell provides executives and managers in the utility and retail energy business with up-to-date, unbiased information on the issues facing them as they strive to meet the demands of a rapidly changing industry. The company publishes research reports, newsletters, books and online publications and information services on issues facing utility and energy company executives. Chartwell also organizes the annual EMACS (Energy Marketing and Customer Service) Conference and Expo.

About SPL WorldGroup

Established in 1994, SPL WorldGroup is a provider of customer management solutions to the energy and service-related industries in regulated and competitive markets worldwide. SPL provides flexible and scalable customer management solutions that evolve with client requirements and enable unrivalled business responsiveness.

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