RF Savvy SMART Meter RF Coupler

Alpha Micro Wireless introduces the RF Savvy Series Nona-band Radio Frequency (RF) Coupler. The high, 10 kV electrical isolation enables safe routing of the RF signal from the network interface card or wireless modem to a remote external antenna via a bulk head RF connection in the meter base. The RF Savvy series Nona-band RF Coupler can be retrofitted to most utility meters or tailored for a custom fit to specific OEM applications. Automated metering infrastructure wireless system integrators and utility meter manufacturers can choose to retrofit a generic, 45mm x 45mm x 1mm version of this low-profile coupler into their smart metering applications or create a custom layout to meet specific application needs.

Alpha Micro Wireless

Bolted Tee Connectors

Increase capacity and reduce losses with the new Cooper Power Systems 36(42) kV bolted tee connector for IEC-rated wind farm applications. Designed to meet higher voltage ratings and cable diameters of up to 800 mm2, the new fully screened bolted tee connectors can be used for indoor and outdoor installations but are especially suited for the harsh, off-shore wind farm environment where long cable runs and large cable is required. Cooper Power Systems uses ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber housing so the connectors are fully submersible and offer superior performance in underwater environments should flooding occur. For added performance, they are multistress tested for 3,000 hours. The bolted tee connectors also include built-in capacitive test points to ensure equipment is de-energized for added safety. Test points are available on both the bolted tee and companion tee for easy access.

Cooper Power Systems

Insulated Work Platform

Responding to requests for work platforms capable of providing electrical insulation at voltages up to 765 kV, Diversified Products introduces the IWP-765 kV insulated work platform. Designed to enhance worker productivity and increase job functions performed with hydraulic telescoping cranes and digger derricks, the platform permits bare-hand work and de-energized line construction, and reduces lineman fatigue by eliminating the need to climb towers. The IWP-765 kV provides electrical insulation to personnel working on live transmission lines and equipment, a radio control system enabling precise operation, and enhanced serviceability with LED displays within the control box. Every unit comes standard with a two-man, steel-constructed basket that can be installed and removed easily by two linemen.

Diversified Products

Updated Roxtec Transit Manager Software 3.0

Roxtec Transit Manager Software (RTM) 3.0 allows electrical engineers to reduce design time and cost through auto-planning. Electrical cable and pipe designers can calculate the weight of transits and tag cables and make changes to transits any time. Drawings and plans may be exported as .dxf files, and the created geometries may be imported into CAD programs. An engineer may enter cables manually or import project data from external cable schedules to generate automatic packing plans, then print materials lists for purchase. The packing plans and the materials list minimize the risk for error and simplify logistics so only the right products are brought on-site.


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