Route Optimization

Telogis Inc. announced the release of Telogis Route 3.0, a new version of the software-as-a-service multi-vehicle route optimization application featuring a new patent-pending “Advanced Territories” technology. Advanced Territories allows companies to give geographic-centric routes to drivers without limiting routing options to those boundaries. Built off the infrastructure of the Telogis Cloud, Telogis Route 3.0 is driven by massive computing power that offers greater response speed and functionality than competitive route optimization systems.


Distribution Transformers

Bridgeport Magnetics Group Inc. introduces a new line of dry-type single-phase and three-phase low voltage (<600VAC) distribution transformers suitable for industrial, healthcare, commercial buildings, shopping malls, schools, theaters, churches and libraries and other applications. The BMG standard series of three-phase distribution transformer includes input/output voltages 480VAC Delta—208V Y/120V, 240V/120V at 60Hz or 1:1 ratios. Primary taps optional. Power Ratings range from 5KVA to 37.5KVA single phase and from 15KVA to 112.5KVA three-phase configuration.

Bridgeport Magnetics Group

Aluminum Crimper

BURNDY, a manufacturer and provider of electrical connector solutions and application tooling, announced release of the MRC840AL tool designed specifically for use on aluminum BURNDY HYLUG (type YA-A) and HYLINK (type YS-A) terminals and splices ranging from #8–4/0 AWG. Features heat-treated steel jaws to reduce jaw buckling and misalignment under heavy loading. Plated jaws provide enhanced corrosion resistance. Crimper has rotatable, color-coded die wheel marked with conductor size.


Wireless Transfer

Telit Wireless Solutions Inc., a specialist in machine-to-machine (m2M) technology, launched a new module featuring wireless M-bus transfer technology in October 2011. The new ME50-169 module features 169 MHz suited for smart gas, water, heating or electricity meters. These smart meters automatically transmit consumption data to the utility companies, which increases the accuracy and transparency of bills, offers better customer service and helps improve energy efficiency. Telit’s ME50-169 modules are compliant to the latest wireless M-bus standard and are fully devoted to metering in the 169 MHz band. 169 MHz provides a much higher performance in terms of range than 868 or even 433 MHz.

Telit Wireless Solutions

Communications Management

GMC Inspire is an end-to-end software solution for customer communications management (CCM) designed to help utilities increase customer engagement. GMC Inspire supports a wide range of output channels including email, SMS, social media, Web presentment and traditional print channels. GMC Inspire’s ability to capture customer preferences coupled with intelligent automation allows utilities to customize any communication in line with corporate guidelines and legislative compliance. Customization can include individually tailored content and delivery through the preferred channel at the optimal time. GMC Inspire is designed to give business users more control over the key elements in any communication.

GMC Software Technology

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