RuggedCom announces several new products at DistribuTECH 2007

Woodbridge, Ontario, Feb. 22, 2007 — RuggedCom, a designer and manufacturer of “ruggedized” communications networking equipment for harsh environments, announced the introduction of several new product lines at DistribuTECH 2007 including:

* RuggedCom Gauntlet: A new NERC-CIP cyber security solution.
* RuggedWireless product line: Substation hardened wireless LAN Ethernet switches.
* RuggedVDSL product line: Substation hardened Ethernet switches with VDSL interfaces.
* RuggedRouter product line options: Precision time protocol card (IRIG-B, IEEE1588), serial cards.

RuggedCom Gauntlet, designed specifically for the electric utility industry, is a 100% NERC-CIP compliant solution that provides an electronic security perimeter for effective cyber attack protection. All communication to substation devices are authenticated, controlled, and logged to prevent and detect unauthorized entry attempts. Also included are extensive reporting tools and the unique

The RuggedWireless family of products is a line of substation hardened Ethernet switches with IEEE 802.11b/g that can provide wireless data rates of up to 54 Mbps. All wireless communications are protected by security networks based on IEEE 802.11i which features encryption protocols, AES support, and IEEE 802.1X/ Radius user authentication. These products can be used to convert serial and/or wired Ethernet to wireless Ethernet, which in turn reduces installation and cabling costs. Multiple wired Ethernet and serial port options exist to allow great flexibility in network architecture design.

The RuggedVDSL family of products is a line of substation hardened Ethernet switches supporting Ethernet over VDSL. Ethernet over VDSL is the perfect solution for bringing Ethernet networking to applications where telephone grade wiring (or other copper twisted pair wiring) is already present. Multiple options exist to accommodate varied network architecture requirements, including the ability to cascade RuggedVDSL products to provide an Ethernet network that spans long distances.

Also announced were new options for the RuggedRouter RX1000, RuggedCom’s integrated router/VPN/ firewall cyber security appliance. A Precision Time Protocol (PTP) card option is available for network time synchronization using various techniques such as IRIG-B, NTP and IEEE 1588. Also available for the RuggedRouter is a 4 port serial card option (RS485/RS422/RS232) that allows legacy serial devices to be connected directly to the router.

The new products are what the company call “RuggedRated” to provide immunity to electromagnetic interference and heavy electrical surges typical of environments found in electric utility substations.

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