RuggedCom Inc. introduces RuggedRated™ industrial Gigabit Ethernet

CONCORD, Ontrario, Dec. 8, 2004 — RuggedCom Inc., a developer of ruggedized networking and communications technology, announced the introduction of RuggedRated industrial Gigabit Ethernet. The new RuggedSwitch RS900G delivers unmatched performance for industrial Ethernet applications. “This product offers the widest temperature range, the highest EMI immunity, the fastest network fault recovery and the longest fiber optical range in the industry,” said President and CEO Marzio Pozzuoli. “We wanted to be sure we gave our customers what they’ve been asking for.”

The RS900G, which is now shipping, is a fully managed industrial Ethernet switch featuring two fiber optical Gigabit Ethernet ports, and eight Fast Ethernet ports. It is based on the proven RuggedSwitch RS900 architecture and the RuggedRatedà¢â€ž- specification, which ensures devices are capable of reliable operation in the harshest environments.

Increased deployment of high bandwidth applications such as Video over IP for surveillance and monitoring, along with rapid adoption of multicast intensive protocols used in real-time control applications, have created significant demand for industrial Gigabit Ethernet technology. The RS900G is the ideal choice for those customers requiring both high bandwidth and industrial grade reliability.

“The RuggedSwitch RS900G has been engineered to provide a truly ruggedized solution for process control, industrial manufacturing, intelligent transportation systems and utility automation customers who need gigabit bandwidth” said Roger Moore, RuggedCom VP of Engineering. “Our customers are also telling us that they plan to roll-out more and more devices on their networks so they want to add gigabit now, to accommodate future demand.”

The switch has been designed to exceed all key industry standards and delivers the highest levels of immunity to electromagnetic interference and heavy electrical surges typical of environments found on factory floors and curb side traffic control cabinets. It also features the widest operating temperature range in the industry, ensuring reliability virtually anywhere that automation and control devices are used.

In order to accommodate Wide Area (WAN) and Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN), RuggedCom has incorporated long haul fiber optical support into the product. This allows customers to implement networks with fiber lengths up to 70km without sacrificing data integrity. This capability, in conjunction with ultra-fast network fault recovery provided by RuggedCom’s enhanced RSTP (eRSTPà¢â€ž-) and the advanced network management features built into the RuggedSwitch Operating System (ROSà¢â€ž-) is particularly suitable for intelligent transportation system applications, which often require networking of traffic control equipment across broad geographic areas.

About RuggedRated [ ]

The RuggedRated specification establishes a set of criteria that networking and communications devices must meet in order to ensure reliable operation within harsh industrial environments. The RuggedRated symbol identifies products that have been specifically designed to meet these criteria. For more information about RuggedRated, please visit

About RuggedCom Inc. [ ]

RuggedCom is a leading developer of high-performance networking and communications equipment capable of operating reliably in harsh industrial environments.

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