RuggedCom introduces the RuggedRouter™ RX1000

CONCORD, Ontario, July 25, 2005 — RuggedCom, a developer of ruggedized networking and communications technology, announced the availability of the RuggedRouterà¢â€ž- RX1000, an industrially hardened cyber security appliance with integrated router, firewall, and VPN functionality. The RuggedRouterà¢â€ž- can be used to establish an electronic security perimeter around critical cyber assets found in control and automation systems, in order to prevent the disruption of operations by accidental or malicious acts. Ideally suited for electric power utilities, the industrial plant floor, and traffic control system applications, the RuggedRouterà¢â€ž- is designed to protect and secure SCADA system networks connected directly to the Internet, or within a company’s private Wide Area Network (WAN) or Local Area Network (LAN).

The RuggedRouterà¢â€ž- is certified to the demanding RuggedRatedà¢â€ž- specification, a designation that a device has been specifically designed to withstand the demands of harsh environments. The RuggedRouterà¢â€ž- meets or exceeds the largest set of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and immunity tests in the industry (including IEC61850-3, IEC1613, NEMA TS-2). It is also the only router that has

an operating temperature range of -40ºC to +85ºC and that offers high availability with true (N+1) redundant power supply configurations with parallel load sharing capabilities. The RuggedRatedà¢â€ž- certification ensures that the RuggedRouterà¢â€ž- will provide the highest level of reliability and security for mission critical applications.

“With the proliferation of communication networks in many control and automation applications within critical infrastructure, the need to secure and protect these networks has become of paramount importance. Combine the RuggedRouterà¢â€ž- security features with the reliability, immunity, performance, and unsurpassed quality that are the hallmarks of all our RuggedCom products, and you have an industrial network security solution that is second to none”, explains RuggedCom President and CEO Marzio Pozzuoli. “The addition of the RuggedRouterà¢â€ž- to the RuggedCom family of products underscores our commitment in providing the most complete line of advanced network infrastructure devices for the most demanding application environments”.

As a fully featured router, the RuggedRouterà¢â€ž- includes security functions such as full IPSec

Virtual Private Networking (VPN), VPN with 3DES and DES support, and Stateful Firewall with NAT that

has the capacity to securely connect hundreds of other remote sites over Frame Relay and PPP.

Additional security features such as Intrusion Detection will be available in upcoming releases.

The RuggedRouterà¢â€ž- also has a modular architecture that allows customization of the number and types of Ethernet and WAN ports. This includes copper and fiber Ethernet options, and single, dual and quad T1/E1, DDS, and DSL configurations. Integrated modem and GPS time synchronization options are also available.

To learn more about RuggedRouterà¢â€ž- RX1000 or RuggedCom’s other products and technologies, please visit and respectively.

About RuggedRatedà¢â€ž- [ ]

The RuggedRatedà¢â€ž- specification establishes a set of criteria that networking and communications devices must meet in order to ensure reliable operation within harsh industrial environments. The RuggedRatedà¢â€ž- symbol identifies products that have been specifically designed to meet these criteria.

About RuggedCom Inc. [ ]

RuggedCom is a leading developer of high performance networking and communications devices for harsh industrial environments. With corporate headquarters located in Concord, Ontario, Canada and regional offices worldwide, RuggedCom sales representatives and distributors can be found in over 25 countries to provide knowledgeable and timely support to a global customer base. Founded by people with strong backgrounds in utility and industrial automation, RuggedCom products are designed to provide a level of ruggedness and reliability that exceeds industry standards for communications equipment used in electric power substations, industrial manufacturing, process control and transportation markets. RuggedCom’s mission is to provide innovative networking technology of the highest quality and reliability coupled with unsurpassed customer support.

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