RuggedSwitch™ RSG2200 Gigabit Ethernet switch released

CONCORD, Ontario, May 9, 2005 — RuggedCom, a developer of ruggedized networking and communications technology announced the availability of the RuggedSwitchà¢â€ž- RSG2200 Gigabit Ethernet switch. This newest addition to the RSG2000 series of products is a fully managed industrial Ethernet switch offering the highest gigabit port density available in an industrially hardened device.

With nine Gigabit (1000Mbps) Ethernet ports, the RSG2200 can be used to aggregate other switches with Gigabit uplinks into a Gigabit backbone or for the creation of a high performance, non-blocking, and full wire speed Gigabit Ethernet network. The device’s modular architecture supports a mix of fiber optics and connector types, allowing customers the flexibility to choose the precise port configuration that they need. An additional level of flexibility is the availability of rear port mounting which gives the user the option of connecting all communications and power cables at the rear of the unit.

According to RuggedCom President and CEO Marzio Pozzuoli, the RuggedSwitchà¢â€ž- RSG2200 incorporates key RuggedCom technology innovations, setting it apart from devices currently available. “We wanted to ensure that this product could not only be counted on to perform reliably in harsh environments, but also provided all the advanced networking features that our customers are accustomed to in their corporate office networks.” As a fully managed switch, it features all of the advanced networking features of the RuggedSwitch Operating System (ROSà¢â€ž-) including RuggedCom’s eRSTPà¢â€ž- technology which provides enhanced support for large ring topologies and ultra-high speed fault recovery.

RSG2200 is designed based on the RuggedRatedà¢â€ž- specification, which establishes a set of criteria that networking and communications devices must meet to ensure reliable operation in harsh industrial environments. The switch features RuggedCom’s Zero-Packet-Lossà¢â€ž- technology, providing

the highest levels of immunity to electromagnetic interference (EMI) in the industry, exceeding IEC 61850-3 requirements, and delivering IEEE 1613 Class 2 performance for mission critical substation automation applications. It also offers the widest temperature range in the industry, ensuring reliable operation in temperatures ranging from -40ºC to +85ºC without the use of fans.

Optional dual-redundant, parallel load-sharing power supplies provide customers with improved network availability. This key feature allows power supplies to be powered from different sources at different voltages for the ultimate in redundancy and flexibility.

About RuggedRated [ ]

The RuggedRated specification establishes a set of criteria that networking and communications devices must meet in order to ensure reliable operation within harsh industrial environments. The RuggedRated symbol identifies products that have been specifically designed to meet these criteria.

About RuggedCom Inc. [ ]

RuggedCom is a leading developer of high-performance networking and communications equipment capable of operating reliably in harsh industrial environments.

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