Sam Houston Electric Coop. to standardize enterprise applications

FAIRFAX, Va. (PRNewswire) webMethods, Inc., a provider of integration software, announced that Sam Houston Electric Cooperative selected the webMethods integration platform to streamline and standardize current and future IT initiatives on the webMethods integration platform to achieve true enterprise-wide integration.

Achieving operational efficiency takes on added meaning when rolling out new services to diverse, rural communities in Southeast, Texas. As a cooperative, working in the best interests of its member-owners, Sam Houston strategically selected the webMethods integration platform to increase operational efficiency with its various information systems, in order to provide cutting-edge services more rapidly with minimal investment in custom development and costs.

Sam Houston is leveraging the webMethods integration platform to refine its current IT infrastructure and to gain synchronized data, in real-time, from its best-in-class applications. The webMethods integration platform will provide end-to-end integration between packaged applications, such as Siebel CRM and industry-specific applications like M3I PragmaCAD, to enable a seamless flow of business-critical information throughout the enterprise.

“The webMethods integration platform will serve as the foundation for integrating all of Sam Houston’s best-of-breed applications. By standardizing on the webMethods integration platform, we will reduce the development time and costs involved with building custom, point-to-point integrations,” said David Babcock, business operations manager, Sam Houston Electric Cooperative. “webMethods gives us a highly scalable and flexible platform upon which to build an integrated enterprise, setting the foundation for new and improved services to better meet the needs our customers.”

Sam Houston will offer new services to its customers by using the webMethods integration platform to streamline business-critical operations. The integrated enterprise will give Sam Houston the ability to execute customer orders and services more simply. Customer service representatives will be able to dispatch service orders from a single interface to allow data to flow seamlessly and in real-time between disparate applications.

The webMethods integration platform will also enable Sam Houston to quickly resolve issues related to power outages. The integrated architecture will provide a seamless flow of data between the outage management, mapping and field force automation applications, enabling Sam Houston to quickly zero-in on the problem areas and dispatch the most qualified field technician in the area. This system enables Sam Houston to more efficiently manage its human resources because they will gain visibility into individual service technician’s workload level, skill set and base location.

“Utility companies today provide a broader range of services than ever before, and having integrated customer information systems plays a critical role in achieving these objectives,” said Glenn MacKenzie, director, Industry Solutions, webMethods, Inc. “By selecting the webMethods integration backbone, Sam Houston Electric will derive maximum benefits from each of its applications by uniting them on a common platform to create an integrated view of business operations.”

The enterprise-wide implementation of the webMethods integration platform will be delivered by webMethods’ partner AMS. Core enterprise applications to be integrated are financials, billing, customer relationship management, geographical information system, outage management, mobile data, computer automated dispatching and field force automation.


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