Sanyo Denki announces the world’s only UPS with parallel redundancy and 5 year battery life

TORRANCE, Calif., September 17, 2004 — Known for manufacturing the most advanced and most reliable Uninterruptible Power Supply’s in the world, Sanyo Denki specializes in True Online UPS systems.

Sanyo Denki is proud to announce its ASE, ASE-H series, 1 to 5kVA modular UPS, Double Conversion Technology, Parallel Operation, Network Capable, Battery and Module both Hot Swappable, 19-inch Rack Mountable. All Sanyo Denki’s UPS Systems come with batteries that have a 5-year life span. Using innovative technology allowing parallel redundancy, Sanyo Denki has set itself aside from the competition, with the only UPS of its class in the market. Every unit is its own independent master as opposed to one unit acting as a master for the rest of the slave units. For example, in this type of situation with our competitor’s products, if its master module were to break down then the entire system would break down as well, resulting in disastrous consequences. However, if any of Sanyo Denki’s UPS units were to stop working, there would be no problem at all. We are the only UPS Company in the world that can offer this solution.

Sanyo Denki has been around since 1927 manufacturing radio engine generators and eventually becoming the first company to manufacture UPS systems in Japan. Presently working with customers such as NTT (#1 Phone Company in Japan), IBM Japan, and the Japanese Ministry of Defense, Sanyo Denki is known by the high standard of quality and service it holds for its customers. The ASE, ASE-H series UPS is a high end product that is perfect for many customers ranging from Small to Large Business, Medical, Banking, Telecommunication, Military and or Government. If you or your company is looking for quality and reliability that stands out from the rest of the competition, you are looking for Sanyo Denki’s ASE, ASE-H series UPS.

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