Saudi Electricity Co. orders six more GE gas turbines

Saudi Electricity Co. has ordered six GE trailer-mounted, fast-starting TM2500+ mobile gas turbine packages for existing power plant locations in Jizan and Tabouk to meet electricity demands in these areas.

Equipped with black-start capability, these turbines can serve as emergency generators in the event of a power outage.

This order follows the successful 2015 commissioning of five TM2500+ units throughout Saudi Arabia. The new TM2500+ mobile packages are expected to be shipped to the site locations in February. Each gas turbine can deliver around 30 MW, totaling about 180 MW, and will be able to provide the equivalent power needed to supply nearly 70,000 Saudi households.

Along with the speed of deployment — about three months from order to commissioning — GE’s TM2500+ mobile packages provide dual-fuel, high-efficiency power. In addition, the mobility of the TM2500+ supports redeployment to isolated areas of the grid as needed, and will help SEC reduce the number of older diesel generator sets that have been rented to manage summer peak demand in the past.

The new order is bolstered by GE’s anticipated joint venture with SEC, expected to extend operations and maintenance (O&M) support to SEC’s power plants in the Kingdom. In accordance with the memorandum of understanding for the joint venture, GE plans to extend its advance technologies and train SEC staff to undertake the O&M services.

Today, GE’s advanced gas turbines are supporting power generation at over 40 SEC sites in Saudi Arabia. GE currently has an installed base of more than 550 GE gas turbines producing power to meet over half of Saudi’s electricity demands. In addition, GE has advanced technology that supports the production of 180 million liters of water daily, delivered to the country’s most remote locations.

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