S&C introduces new device for overhead line protection: DistribuTECH update

Tampa, FL, Feb. 7, 2006 — S&C’s new IntelliRupter PulseCloser was designed from the ground up to accommodate advanced feeder automation functions such as IntelliTEAM II and the new IntelliTEAM III Automatic Restoration System, as well as SCADA.

IntelliRupter incorporates new PulseClosing Technology. To test for faults, PulseClosing applies a very fast, low-energy pulse to the line (significantly reducing damaging fault currents and voltage sags on the faulted line as well as adjacent feeders. S&C says substation transformers will experience fewer through-faults, extending their life. And cables, overhead conductors, splices, and terminations will experience less thermal and mechanical stress from through-fault currents too.

IntelliRupter features a base-integrated control that’s accessed for configuration and operation via a secure WiFi link. This approach improves reliability, operator safety, and convenience, and significantly enhances security compared to “lock-and-key” approaches said S&C in a press release at the DistribuTECH conference in Tampa, FL.

IntelliRupter also features:

* A magnetic actuating system that enables PulseClosing technology;
* Integrated three-phase voltage sensing — on both sides of the interrupters;
* An integrated power module — available on one or both sides of the interrupters;
* Integrated three-phase current sensing;
* Solid dielectric insulation;
* Vacuum interruption up to 12,500 amperes;
* 630/800-ampere continuous current rating.
* Voltage ratings from 10 through 27 kV at 50 or 60 Hz;
* Models with integrated visible disconnect.

IntelliRupter and PulseClosing Technology can be applied in enhanced non-communicating loop restoration systems that test the line for faults without exposing a good alternate circuit to disruptive fault current.

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