SCADA/EMS Project Numbers Down in 1999

The latest PennWell report on the U.S. and Canadian SCADA/EMS market shows a decline in the number of SCADA/EMS projects in 1999 as compared with project numbers from the 1997 report. SCADA system projects noted in this most recent survey numbered only 212, down from 317 listed in 1997. Total funding budgeted for SCADA was also at a low in 1999, with projects valued at less than $97 million. The 1997 PennWell Research report detailed projects totaling $225.08 million.

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While the number of SCADA/ EMS projects is down from two years ago, the number is expected to climb as next-generation technology enters the market to serve the needs of deregulating utilities. Some industry experts believe that many utilities, hesitant to invest in new systems due to uncertainties caused by deregulation, may be forced to upgrade their systems to prosper in competitive markets. Deregulation will bring demand for new tools and technology as utilities realize the need to track more than just the amount of electricity flowing in and out of their systems. These new requirements are leading to a new generation of SCADA/EMS applications, including distribution feeder maps, distribution automation applications, capacitor controls and more.

The full “1999 U.S. and Canada Electric Utility SCADA/EMS Market Data Report” is available by contacting Barbara McGee at 1-800-745-3911 or by e-mail at Besides the SCADA/EMS data quoted above, the report also identifies specific kinds of projects and issues, including operating platforms for planned SCADA/EMS systems, communications methods for planned systems, and number of planned projects and budgets for SCADA vendors.

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