Schlumberger RMS signs contract with Hendricks Power Cooperative

Under the new deal, Schlumberger will extend the existing Schlumberger CellNet fixed-network system to 15,000 customers in the Hendricks Power service area. The fixed network AMR technology replaces the cooperative’s current customer mail-in card reporting system. The agreement includes the purchase, installation and project management of the system with implementation starting in December 2000. “Going from mail-in customer post cards to automated wireless meter reading is a quantum leap forward,” said Donnis Mizelle, CEO for Hendricks Electric Cooperative. “Upgrading the metering system combined with the data automation features of CellNet technology will dramatically improve our customer service and operational efficiency. In addition, this automated system enables us to offer our members additional features and benefits that real time information can provide, such as selectable billing dates, time of use metering, and outage detection.”

RALEIGH, N.C., Sept. 25, 2000–ABB Electricity Metering has expanded its communications offerings by forming a marketing alliance with GDI (Global Data) to provide North American electric utilities with an end-to-end Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) solution.


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