Schlumberger to supply 100,000 residential gas meters to Kyrgyzstan

Schlumberger manufactures Gallus 1000 gas meters at a new ISO 9002-approved factory in Chongqing, in Sichuan province, southwest China. This facility was founded as a joint venture between Schlumberger and a local company, with the specific objective of becoming a major world player in the supply of high quality residential gas meters. The Gallus 1000 was developed at the main Schlumberger R&D facility for gas metrology in Rheims, France, with production being centered in China primarily because the principal markets for this type of product are in the Asia-Pacific region. The meter is expressly designed for G1.6 residential applications (characterized by gas flow rates as low as 0.016m3/hour), which is a rapidly-growing market segment in the world’s developing and warm-weather countries, where gas is mainly used for cooking and heating water, rather than space-heating.

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