SchlumbergerSema signs real-time energy management contract with Austin Energy

DENVER, Colo., June 24, 2002 — SchlumbergerSema, a business unit of Schlumberger Ltd., recently announced it has signed a Real-Time Energy Management (RTEMSSM) contract with Austin Energy, a municipally owned utility serving over 336,000 customers in Austin, Texas.

“Austin Energy is always looking to improve customer service and reduce operational costs for our customers,” said Anthony Hawkins, Austin Energy’s project manager.

“The ability to read meters on demand from a real-time energy management network will greatly reduce our operational costs, while at the same time helping us to isolate and prevent meter tampering that results in theft of services.”

Austin Energy estimates that the utility can save over $1.3 million operational costs per year once the system is in place.

The business case for the contract is driven primarily by high customer turnover rates in apartment complexes near the University of Texas, where, according to the city, rapid and frequent move-ins and move-outs have wreaked havoc on utility collection rates. The new SchlumbergerSema system will enable meters to be read at anytime via an automated query of the meter-reading network.

With the new system, accurate on-cycle reads, move-in and move-out reads, verification reads and other special reads can be made automatically without having to send a meter reader to the location or have apartment managers perform the reads.

Austin Energy will also have the ability to utilize other advanced services such as energy outage detection and restoration notification, monitoring of energy usage as a means of revenue protection and other advanced metering options.

The contract, valued at approximately $30 million over 15 years, encompasses automation of 123,000 customer meter end-points, purchase of approximately 60,000 new SchlumbergerSema Centron wireless meters and retrofit of 63,000 existing meters with SchlumbergerSema RTEMS fixed network meter reading technology. Deployment of the system will begin this fall and will take approximately 12 months to complete.

About SchlumbergerSema
SchlumbergerSema is an information technology services company providing consulting, systems integration, managed services, and products to the telecommunications, energy and utilities, finance, transport, and public sector markets.

With nearly 30,000 employees serving customers in 65 countries, SchlumbergerSema is one of two business segments of Schlumberger Limited, a global technology services company. For more information about SchlumbergerSema, visit

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