Schott Applied Power Corp. purchases 100% Green Tags

July 5, 2002 — Schott Applied Power Corporation (SAPC) announces its purchase of 100% renewable energy Green Tags for its Rocklin, CA headquarters.

“As the number one distributor of solar-electric systems in the US, SAPC has an interest in supporting the broader use of environmentally-friendly energy,” said SAPC President Tom Starrs. “Our customers are making a substantial investment to promote clean power, and our industry should be doing the same.”

SAPC has entered into a three-year agreement with Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF to purchase Green Tags for 100% of the electricity consumed at the company’s main facility, estimated at 80,000 kilowatt-hours per year.

Green Tags represent the offset in emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants that occur when renewable energy replaces traditional forms of power generation.

SAPC chose BEF as its supplier because its Green Tags are certified by leading environmental organizations, its supply comes from new renewable facilities, and it reinvests its net revenues in new renewable facilities, including solar power plants.

“We see tremendous synergies between SAPC and BEF,” said Starrs. “The more customers sign up with BEF and similar organizations to support environmentally-preferred power, the more renewable facilities that have to be built to accommodate the customer demand.”

In fact, SAPC requested that 5% of its Green Tags come from new solar electric facilities in order specifically to support the market for solar power. To participate in the program, SAPC is paying a premium of approximately 10% on its electricity bill.

“More than just supporting the renewable energy industry, we are demonstrating our commitment to the environment by offsetting 26,000 pounds of climate changing pollutants and to the nation’s energy security by reducing our dependence on fossil and nuclear energy,” remarked Dr. Starrs. Schott Applied Power Corporation is North America’s leading solar-electric systems supplier, bringing environmentally-preferred solar energy to homeowners, businesses, utilities, and governments worldwide.

SAPC is a subsidiary of the Schott Corporation [Yonkers, NY],

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