Scientech first vendor to post its nuclear quality assurance manual on NUPIC web site

Gaithersburg, Md., January 14, 2002 – SCIENTECH Inc. has taken advantage of a new Nuclear Procurement Issues Committee (NUPIC) program that allows vendors to submit their Quality Assurance (QA) Program Documents for entry into the organization’s web site database.

Access to such information, which is restricted to NUPIC’s members, was established to enhance the procurement process for utilities purchasing safety-related items and services for nuclear power plants.

Instead of collecting and maintaining hard copies of voluminous QA program documents from all suppliers, which could number in the hundreds and require additional staff to control, the new program allows nuclear utilities to access current versions of vendor QA program documents directly from the NUPIC Web site.

“For SCIENTECH, the advantages are several but of major significance, will be the elimination of the need for controlled hard copy distribution of our QA manuals to each of SCIENTECH’s nuclear utility clients,” said SCIENTECH QA Director Marty Booska. “In addition, having our QA program and Web site address available on the NUPIC database will give SCIENTECH exposure to all NUPIC member companies on an ongoing basis.”

Established in 1989 and represented by all U.S. and several international utilities operating nuclear power plants, NUPIC provides a cost and quality effective program for the evaluation of suppliers furnishing safety-related items and services to the industry.

NUPIC joint audits and surveys are performed utilizing an industry-wide standardized approach. Through the cooperative effort of the NUPIC members, significant benefits are realized, not only by its members, but the entire nuclear industry.

SCIENTECH, formed in 1983, is a worldwide provider of expert services to the energy and telecommunication markets, with related support to government and industry. A Delaware corporation with over 30 offices located throughout the U.S. and the world, SCIENTECH supplies services and products that enable and enhance client operations by reducing risks, improving performance, minimizing costs and facilitating change.

For more information, visit SCIENTECH’s web site at: Visit NUPIC’s web site at:


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