SCT and Nashville Electric Services sign an extended services agreement for $4.4 million dollars

MALVERN, Pa. Aug. 5, 2002 — SCT announced recently that Nashville Electric Services (NES) has signed an extended services agreement for $4.4 million dollars.

This agreement solidifies the continuation of a strong partnership between SCT and NES that has been in place for the past 4 years, during which SCT has helped NES to meet stringent service level standards, manage daily systems operations, and perform a major upgrade to their legacy system.

The agreement was signed during SCT’s third quarter, which ended June 30, 2002.

The scope of the SCT project focuses on managing daily data processing operations, including applications maintenance, database administration, project management, training, and microcomputer, end-user and network support. Throughout the initial term of the relationship, SCT has also become instrumental in business process planning and helping the organization achieve its overall operational goals.

“We needed a company who could be committed to helping us meet a very high standard for service levels,” said Vic Hatridge, CIO and vice president of information systems for NES.

“SCT stood out above the rest and has proven itself to be a valuable partner with quantifiable results — like those we have measured over the past 4 years. Our confidence in SCT stems from a proven track record and SCT’s ability to execute at NES. We are extremely confident that SCT will continue to provide us with the tools and assistance we need to keep our services running more efficiently over time.”

“SCT’s many years of experience in providing hosting services allow us to tailor our offerings to fit the exact needs of each of our clients,” said John Gregg, president of SCT global energy and utilities solutions.

“While we are known for our flagship Banner CIS software solution, we have several large clients who depend on our expertise to host and manage their daily operations — whether they’re using SCT software or not. For systems support, software migration, and data center maintenance, SCT is a fundamental catalyst for the continued success of these clients,” added Gregg.

About Nashville Electric Services
Nashville Electric Service is among the twelve largest public electric utilities in the nation, distributing energy to more than 300,000 customers in Middle Tennessee. The NES service area covers 700 square miles, all of Davidson County and portions of the six surrounding counties. The core business is to provide reliable, quality electric service at a reasonable cost to our customers. For more information, visit

About SCT
SCT provides solutions and software for utilities and energy service companies. SCT strategically partners with energy and utility companies to enhance customer care and billing activities by reducing total cost of ownership, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing operational efficiency.

The products and services of SCT support more than 92 million utilities accounts worldwide, and generate over 38 million utility services bills each month. SCT also serves the higher education market. SCT has approximately 2,100 employees and serves nearly 1,500 clients worldwide. SCT is headquartered in Malvern, Pa., in the Greater Philadelphia area. For more information, visit

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