Seven energy companies receive Governor’s Award for excellence in environmental performance

MILWAUKEE, Wis., March 6, 2002 — Wisconsin Energy Corp. (WEC) was one of seven businesses to receive the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Environmental Performance Wednesday at The Federation of Environmental Technologists’ Environment 2002 Conference and Exhibition in Milwaukee.

“Good business and strong environmental performance are inseparable,” said Kristine Krause, WEC vice president – environmental. “We’re grateful for this award and we believe these types of projects by Wisconsin companies represent the next generation of environmental management.”

WEC was recognized for its ash utilization pilot project at the Pleasant Prairie Power Plant (PPPP). In February 2001, under the terms of Wisconsin’s first Environmental Cooperative Agreement, Wisconsin Electric-Wisconsin Gas (WE-WG), a WEC subsidiary, received approval from the Department of Natural Resources to recover and burn ash from the company’s landfills.

While modern power plants burn coal very efficiently, the plants of the past were only able to extract part of the energy in the coal. The energy that remained is still stored in the fly and bottom ash in the company landfills. WE-WG removes the ash from the landfills, mixes it with coal and burns it in the PPPP boilers, utilizing the energy to create electricity. The company also burns ash created at other generating facilities. The resulting ash is then sold for beneficial use in the concrete industry and not landfilled.

Since initiating the pilot project, WE-WG and its customers have realized the following benefits:
* New ash from other plants not landfilled 50,000 tons
* Ash recovered from landfills 26,000 tons
* New combustion products created for beneficial use 46,000 tons
* Coal replaced by the energy recovered from the ash 235 rail cars

The award recognizes achievements in environmental performance based on the following criteria:
* Reduction of the degree and amount of waste toxicity, emissions and other environmental performance;
* Economic performance as measured by profits generated, costs reduced and payback periods;
* Transferability of the processes or techniques to similar applications for use by other industries, organizations or institutions;
* Commitment by the applicant to help other industries, organizations or institutions by sharing information and expertise.

Wisconsin Energy Corp. is a Milwaukee-based holding company with subsidiaries in utility and non-utility businesses. The company serves more than one million electric customers in Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and 960,000 natural gas customers in Wisconsin through its utility subsidiaries – Wisconsin Electric, Wisconsin Gas and Edison Sault Electric. Its non-utility subsidiaries include energy development, pump manufacturing, recycling and renewable energy, and real estate businesses. Visit the Web site at


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