Sherman & Reilly selects stringing lines made with Spectra fiber to help make installation of wires faster

Morris Township, N.J., Nov. 14, 2005 — Honeywell announced that Sherman & Reilly, a manufacturer of electrical and telephone equipment, has selected stringing lines made with Spectra fiber in hopes of making installation of electrical transmission wires faster and safer.

Sherman & Reilly is using Spectra fiber based ropes with its mobile drum pullers, which are machines used to pull electrical wires through transmission towers down to lower voltage areas, such as residential neighborhoods.

Traditionally, utility workers have used polyester lines, which are heavy and often sag, requiring the use of additional machinery or wire rope to complete installation. The new line with Spectra fiber has lower elastic stretch thus causing less sagging than polyester lines.

Yale Cordage, a high technology rope manufacturer, created the composite line to provide customers with Spectra fiber’s low stretch properties and low conductivity.

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