Siemens announces the new SPPA-T3000 control system for the U.S. market

MUNICH, Germany, June 29, 2005 — Siemens Power Generation (PG) has developed a new control system to enhance the cost effectiveness of power plant operation. The new system is called Siemens Power Plant Automation (SPPATM) T3000. SPPA-T3000 combines high availability and reliability with the advantages offered by advanced IT technologies. Plant operators can benefit from the straightforward and user- and service-friendly design, while plant owners can benefit from the system’s low total cost of ownership and comprehensive communications capabilities. The new SPPA-T3000 system, which is specially tailored for the U.S. market, has already been proven through extensive testing and pilot project applications.

The newly developed system is the result of wide-ranging R&D activities conducted by Siemens PG in the U.S. and Germany. Feedback and suggestions from numerous customers were a top priority in the development of the new system, as was Siemens comprehensive know-how in power plant and automation technology. In total, the company has installed more than 2,000 control systems in a wide variety of power plants around the globe and is a market leader in providing I&C solutions to the power industry.

At the heart of the new SPPA-T3000 distributed control system is the Embedded Component ServicesTM technology, which permits significant reduction of system complexity and, at the same time, enhances user-friendliness for operation, engineering and maintenance tasks. A consistent three-tier system architecture (with data tier, processing tier and presentation tier), which is linked to the Embedded Component Services, enables the plant-wide use of a software system that operates in concert with the continuously evolving Internet technology, thus providing accessibility to data from anywhere and via any computer.

Having real-time plant data available is a prime requisite for commercial success in the power industry. Whether the information pertains to power plant status, equipment service, unit control, production or business forecasts – the SPPA-T3000 system is designed to provide all data immediately in the required format to the various users. This can enable comprehensive communication within all areas of the enterprise.

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The Power Generation Group (PG) of Siemens AG is one of the premier companies in the international power generation sector. In fiscal 2004 (which ended September 30), Siemens PG posted sales amounting to approximately EURO 7.5 billion and received new orders totaling EURO 9.2 billion. Group profit amounted to EURO 961 million. On September 30, 2004, PG had a workforce of approximately 30,900 worldwide.

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