Siemens introduces open transport network for inter-substation communication

San Diego, CA, Feb. 8, 2007 — At DistribuTECH, Siemens Power Transmission & Distribution Inc. announced the addition of Open Transport Network for fiber optic inter-substation communication to its utility products and services portfolio.

Open Transport Network (OTN) is a factory-tested, standards-based solution that is designed to ensure streamlined integration between remote substations and control rooms as required by ready-to-install substation-to-substation communication. The synchronous optical network (SONET) based solution provides segmented and secure communication channels for operational data, non-operational data, and support control systems for a utility grid, industrial, or campus infrastructure. Secure independent Ethernet channels for non-operational data including asset management information, relay fault and event recording, substation to substation generic object oriented substation event (GOOSE) messaging using IEC 61850 and more, are implemented via dual self-healing fibers.

Fiber optics are commonly used throughout the electricity grid via direct buried underground or aerial via pole-line constructions. New electricity network sections are including the fiber cores into the power cabling, and methodologies have been developed for existing lines to add cost effective fiber cable to the network. Data transmission of both general and control information is supported by the new substation standard IEC 61850.

The new solution will address teleprotection and smart substations communication across the grid. One solution provides the ability to trigger the protective relays to adopt load shedding grid automation innovations.

Optimum communications capability is the governing factor for integration of Siemens’ secondary equipment into a total system. Each of the elements may be integrated into the system very efficiently with the help of standard engineering tools and powerful communications conforming to open protocol standards.

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