Smart Retail Energy Solution

Convergys Corp.’s Smart Retail Energy Solution, a next-generation billing and customer care solution for retail energy providers, is available. The solution for electricity and gas retailers improves productivity, reduces costs and eliminates redundancies across the customer lifecycle. This grows margins by streamlining supporting processes including forecasting, rating, billing, collections and commissioning. Retail energy providers face volatile markets marked by intense competition and driven by thin margins. To help retail energy providers overcome these challenges, the Convergys Smart Retail Energy Solution provides specific value in each segment of the customer lifecycle. The solution-available in license, managed service and private cloud models-minimizes upfront investment, business risk and impact to existing systems through a modular deployment.


Transformer Bushing Monitoring

GE’s Intellix BMT 300 is a bushing monitoring system for transformers that can detect and diagnose problems before they occur, helping improve power reliability at utilities, industrial metal businesses and petrochemical companies. It is available as a stand-alone or comprehensive solution integrated with GE’s Kelman Transfix DGA analyzer and Perception software for an in-depth view of transformer health. When the Kelman Transfix and Intellix BMT 300 are combined, customers proactively can monitor a major cause of all transformer failures. The Intellix BMT 300 targets the critical failure points on the bushings to avoid asset damages or, in some cases, avoid complete loss of a customer’s transformer. The Intellix BMT 300 supports applications in several industries.

GE Energy

Uninterruptible Power Supply Remote Management

The implementation of an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) gives businesses an immediate backup during a power failure. Eaton ensures continuously operational backup by using the Netbiter remote management solution from HMS Industrial Networks. It enables Eaton to access real-time data for each UPS, offering faster service and reduced traveling. The Netbiter solution is packaged as a service called Eaton SmartQmmunicator. A Netbiter gateway is attached to the UPS using Eaton´s UPS communication protocol, sending data through Ethernet or Global System for Mobile Communications/General Packet Radio Services (GSM/GPRS) to the Netbiter Argos data center. The Eaton service teams and their customers have access to all UPS parameters through the Netbiter Argos Web interface, helping service technicians when visiting customer locations.


Cloud Computing Solution

PowerOneData International’s (P1DI’s) GENII meter data management software, when combined with P1DI’s smart meter technology, GENII, a cloud computing-based, meter-to-mouse application, provides electric utilities with an automated metering infrastructure solution. GENII interfaces with any meter. Features include: software-driven, prepaid and postpaid billing, instant data acquisition, plug-and-play top-down and bottom-up network-building capabilities, bi-directional communication and remote connect and disconnect. It offers improved revenue generation through programs such as critical-peak pricing, time-of-use, peak-time rebate and other tariff rate programs.

PowerOneData International

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