Software models real world pole conditions

Spokane, Wash. – LineSoft Corp., provider of engine-ering line design software solutions and engineering consulting services, recently announced the availability of new analysis software power in their line of Joint Use management solutions. LD-StructureCalc is a user-friendly, single pole analysis application field technicians use to determine the structural strength demands of attachments to poles in the field. LD-StructureCalc is a mobile software solution that utilities, communications companies, and municipalities can use to ensure public safety and standards compliance, and identify strength cost responsibility per attachment owner.

Technicians use LD-StructureCalc’s advanced, nonlinear finite element calculation capabilities to accurately determine pole, guy, and anchor loads. LD-StructureCalc accurately models complex, real world pole conditions. Once identified, load percentages can be attributed to the various owners of wires and equipment on the pole. Users in the office or field enter structure, conductor, and equipment information on a laptop and analyze poles on the spot. Sag and tension calculations are performed in real time and for multiple load cases. LD-StructureCalc can model a variety of remedies to correct any overload condition. LD-StructureCalc is delivered as an standalone analysis tool complete with pre-defined databases that ensure NESC and GO95 code compliance.

LD-StructureCalc generates a variety of comprehensive reports, including reports on Anchor Details, Guy Details, Utilization-by-Attachee, Load Tree, and a Structure Analysis Summary. Additionally a Structure Details screen is report-printable. Structure Details includes plan and profile views of the pole and a complete list of such details as cables and conductors, taps and services, guys and anchors, equipment, pole size and class, soil type and more. The user can associate date-stamped digital images of the structure to the software record as proof-of- condition.

LineSoft has been providing comprehensive consulting services and innovative software applications to the utility industry for over a decade. These process improvement tools help utilities cut costs, increase productivity and improve customer service in the new competitive marketplace.

LineSoft is headquartered in Spokane, Washington, with regional offices in Columbus, Ohio, Atlanta, Ga. and Kansas City, Kan. For more information, visit or call 509-928-1707.

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