Software Studies Solar Storm Impacts

PowerWorld Corp.’s software modeling tool helps electric utilities determine the impact a solar storm could have on the electric power grid. Usually originating from coronal mass ejections from the sun, geomagnetic disturbances (GMDs) have the potential to cause major blackouts and severe damage to the high-voltage transformers that form the backbone of the power grid. The need for the electric utility industry to plan for a GMD was highlighted by a special reliability assessment from the North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC) in February. Prior to the release of the product, electric utilities had few options for assessing vulnerability to a GMD and mitigating risk.

PowerWorld Corp.

Substation Space Saver

Hendrix Wire & Cable’s Hendrix Spacer Cable Systems is a space-saving solution for substations. The spacer cable reduces right-of-way requirements at substation exits, allows more efficient use of limited space in substations and provides increased reliability on the critical feeder circuits at substation exits. Using bare wire at substations can cause significant issues with electrical clearance and reliability. Spacer cables allow for multiple circuits to be on each pole, reducing right-of-way requirements at substation exits and along the distribution line where multiple circuits are required. Over- or under-building spacer cable systems in substation exits can greatly reduce the cost of adding capacity.

Hendrix Wire & Cable

UL-Certified PV Connector

Amphenol Industrial Global Operations’ Helios H4 is UL-certified to 1,000 V, allowing Amphenol’s connectors to be used in existing and new systems that require more voltage without having to increase cable size. Designed for applications that use solar inverters, combiner boxes and installers, the H4 connector helps feed power from a solar panel into an inverter or combiner box and features quick-snap lock mating for easy panel mount installation and termination to either box. The connector meets NEC 2008 requirements without the need for extra locking collars or sleeves. The increased rating makes the connectors ideal for use in ever-expanding solar farms.

Amphenol Industrial Global Operations

Maximize Fleet Value with Telematics Solution

ARI, a global fleet services provider specializing in complex car and truck fleets, has implemented its enhanced telematics solution, which offers three levels of support designed to increase the knowledge and insight fleet managers can gain from their telematics solutions. ARI provides a consolidated view of all fleet-related data; helps identify the best telematics solutions regardless of vendor; and provides a fully managed telematics solution. ARI’s telematics approach offers three levels of service: Telematics Data Capture, Telematics Consulting Services and Telematics Managed Solution. ARI has been integrating telematics data for clients for several years, and these enhancements will help managers further identify cost-reduction opportunities, mitigate risk factors, optimize vehicle usage, reduce vehicle downtime and automate existing manual fleet programs, helping reduce cost and review time.


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