Solar Energy Limited to construct full scale working model of Solawatt

Dr. Melvin Prueitt, president of the company, stated, “The current energy crisis in the United States (U.S.) highlights the company’s activities in the fields of energy, water and pollution. One of the company’s projects is called ‘Solawatt’ which is the acronym for the company’s patent ‘solar collector’ developed at its Los Alamos lab. As outlined in previous press releases, ‘Solawatt’ collects the energy of the sun to either produce electricity or potable water from seawater.”

CINCINNATI, Ohio, May 17, 2001 – PSI Energy, Inc., an operating company of Cinergy Corp., yesterday received approval from the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission to recover its requested 2000 summer purchased power costs of about $18.5 million via its purchased power tracking mechanism.

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