Solid Data introduces new file cache offerings for workgroup and data center applications

SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 21, 2002– Solid Data Systems recently introduced two new file cache products designed to meet a growing need by wireless/telecom carriers, financial services providers and other enterprises that demand more out of their IT infrastructures with limited budgets.

Developed for workgroups and enterprise data centers, the new products will boost server performance by 2 to 10 times in transaction-intensive applications – at a price comparable to the cost of a midrange server memory upgrade.

As electronic commerce is increasingly handled at transaction and messaging aggregation points on global networks, workloads have moved from mainframes to Unix and Windows 2000 servers that are not optimized for high volume transaction processing and messaging.

Applications such as online trading, database batch processing, messaging middleware, wireless messaging, as well as a host of mobile-value added services, all require real-time or near real-time response. Based on solid-state disk (SSD) technology, Solid Data’s file-cache technology not only boosts the transaction performance of general-purpose servers several times over, but also protects critical data in the event of a server crash or power outage.

“High-volume messaging and transaction-processing applications are usually performance bottlenecked at the disk storage system. Solid-state disk, deployed as file cache, solves this important and growing computing and communication problem,” said Robert Gray, analyst with IDC. “By bringing SSD prices into alignment with midrange server memory pricing, Solid Data is helping to broaden and accelerate the adoption of file-caching solutions as an important part of the infrastructure.”

Merrill Lynch projects that by 2005, worldwide wireless message traffic will exceed 400 billion messages per month as customers use their mobile devices to access new wireless services.

Likewise, rapid growth in online trading, emerging technologies, disintermediation and shorter settlement cycles are forcing the financial services industry to handle increased volume and shorter processing cycles. The Securities Industry Association (SIA) reports that the average number of stock trades grew from 150 million transactions per day in 1995 to 350 million in 1999 – a trend that continues unabated, in transactions and total volume.

“We have proven that Solid Data’s e-100L workgroup and model 900 data center file cache products will reduce server count by increasing efficiency when file cache is deployed as a key infrastructure element at wireless telecom, financial service providers, and other enterprises,” said Wade Tuma, CEO of Solid Data. “By incorporating higher-density memory technology, we have now packaged and priced our new products to cost-effectively achieve even broader adoption at both the workgroup and data center levels.”

E-100L for the Workgroup
The e-100L is available in fixed capacities of 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB with single SCSI port, patented error detection and correction (EDAC), built-in UPS and one-year return-to-factory warranty. The e-100L is ideal for speeding compile times in software engineering applications, boosting SQL database performance and enhancing e-mail server message handling capacity in small to mid-size enterprises and service providers.

Model 900 for the Data Center
The model 900 is available in 4GB increments up to 20GB and includes dual SCSI ports for mirrored or clustered environments. Other high availability features include patented EDAC, dual AC line cords, redundant power supplies, built-in UPS, hot-swappable data retention hard drive and Solid Data’s Remote Monitoring and Reporting (RMRà¢â€ž-) feature. RMR supports SNMP for traps and monitoring with packages such as CA Unicenter, HP OpenView and IBM Tivoli. RMR also supports a password-protected Web browser interface for anytime, anywhere remote monitoring and diagnostics. On-site service plans are available to meet a wide range of enterprise support requirements.

About Solid Data Systems
Solid Data Systems sells file-caching systems for the telecommunications and financial services industries. Customers include major telecommunication integrators and global financial service providers. To learn more about Solid Data, visit the website at:

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