SPIDA Software offers new approach to pole loading applications

SPIDA Software has revolutionized the world of pole loading and gained market recognition with its user-friendly software and innovative storage of structural data.

When designing new or maintaining T&D structures, engineers and technicians have the responsibility to check the design against their utility standards and ensure compliance with current prevailing safety standards such as California’s General Order 95 (GO95), Canada’s CSA Standards, and the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC).

With increasing regulation, aging infrastructure, and unprecedented weather events, many electric and telecommunication companies are finding that their existing pole loading methods are at the end of its practical lifecycle. The challenges faced by utilities in their quest for new technology are at the very heart of the solutions developed by SPIDA Software.

SPIDA recognized that the vast amounts of data and information generated during a comprehensive pole analysis could be useful to the utility, if this information could be harnessed and incorporated in the enterprise in a meaningful and useful way. It was in that realization that the concept of SPIDA’s Structure Management System was conceived.

Today, SPIDACalc and SPIDAMin are the essential components of SPIDA’s complete package, which together provide pole line engineering and asset administration to form a robust Structure Management System. SPIDACalc aids utility Standards, Design, Maintenance, and Joint Use personnel in the development of construction standards evaluation of the impact of pole attachments and design of utility assets.

SPIDAMin is an online, map-based application that provides a central platform for users to access and store asset history and pole loading results. SPIDAMin documents project activity to generate a structural history for your system providing visibility into the physical health of your system, clarity for regulators and insight for reliability planning.

SPIDA strives to not only simplify the pole loading process by providing the next generation in nonlinear structural analysis software, but to make that technology available so it can be integrated with existing enterprise systems such as accounting, mapping, and design systems. SPIDA leverages this data to create a centralized hub for pole loading/structure data along with powerful tools to manage and access the information.

The cooperation between utility companies and SPIDA represents an unparalleled opportunity to deploy technology that will transform daily processes surrounding outside plant assets.

Join us for a live demonstration on the Utility Products Exhibit Floor at DistribuTech on Thursday, January 31 from 10:30-10:45 a.m. as SPIDA Software showcases its feature in pole analysis software and data management capabilities.

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