SPL WorldGroup supports Siebel 7 for competitive energy markets worldwide

Morristown, NJ, October 1, 2001 – SPL WorldGroup, the provider of customer management solutions to the global energy, water and waste management industries, today announced its support for Siebel 7, the seventh release of Siebel eBusiness Applications from Siebel Systems Inc.

The integration between Siebel 7 and SPL’s product CorDaptix, which will be validated within 90 days of general release, will provide organizations with eBusiness solutions designed to increase productivity and profit, and enhance customer acquisition, satisfaction, and retention.

The integration will also enable energy companies to respond swiftly to the changing business conditions and client requirements experienced in today’s deregulating energy markets.

Siebel Systems enables software vendors to integrate through its open, extensible, Smart Web Architecture. The system is designed to reduce the “round-trip” exchanges between the browser and the server, improving network performance and ensuring that the user’s experience is highly interactive.

Siebel 7 extends the reach and functionality of Siebel Systems’ industry- suite of integrated, multichannel eBusiness applications, empowering organizations to translate strategy into front-line action by effectively aligning and rapidly mobilizing channels, employees and partners. Siebel 7 is the only solution on the market today that allows organizations to manage, synchronize and coordinate all customer touch points across the Web, call center, field sales and service personnel, and partner channels.

Siebel Systems enables software vendors to easily integrate solutions through its open, extensible, advanced Smart Web Architecture. Unlike rudimentary HTML clients, Siebel Smart Web Architecture combines a zero-footprint, browser-based Web client and a user interface with levels of interactivity and usability traditionally available only in Windows applications.

The Siebel Smart Web Architecture enables organizations to leverage the industry’s best eBusiness applications at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Siebel 7 extends the reach and functionality of Siebel Systems’ industry- suite of integrated, multichannel eBusiness applications, enabling organizations to translate customer relationship strategy into execution by effectively aligning and rapidly integrating channels, employees and partners.

Siebel 7 allows organizations to manage, synchronize and coordinate all customer touch points across the Web, call center, field sales and service personnel, and partner channels.

CorDaptix’s integration with Siebel eBusiness Applications provides businesses the ability to respond to market changes more rapidly by providing a single, focused view of the customer across the entire enterprise. Seamless delivery of integrated customer service across distribution channels results in reduced acquisition, servicing and customer support costs and thereby enhances competitive position.

The combination of CorDaptix and Siebel eBusiness Applications gives businesses the unprecedented ability to bill multiple energy commodities, other utilities, value added products and services, from a single billing engine in both de-regulated and regulated markets across jurisdictions, regions and countries.

“In today’s rapidly evolving energy marketplace, it is imperative that energy companies invest in customer focused solutions that are relevant, up-gradable, and allow them the ability to adapt to changing market conditions. Siebel 7 and CorDaptix assure this flexibility through their power to deliver multipoint integration with customer data across customer-facing and back-office systems and operational support applications,” said J. Guerry Waters, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Strategy for SPL WorldGroup.

“Siebel 7 and CorDaptix now provide the sophisticated and available alternative that will allow current and future energy customers to excel in delivering ‘real’ service value to energy consumers worldwide.” SPL’s CorDaptix is the first fully upgradeable customer management product that will withstand the tests of time, growth, scale and product-line introduction and extinction. CorDaptix handles all transactions from customer initiation through product and service delivery, through time. “Siebel Systems and SPL WorldGroup together incorporate tremendous global energy industry expertise along with a deep understanding of industry-specific processes and best practices,” said Catherine Cherubino, Senior Managing Director, Software and Industry Alliances for Siebel Systems. “For energy companies, the total costs of ownership (TCO) and deployment risks are greatly reduced by the knowledge embedded in the software applications of both companies.

SPL WorldGroup and Siebel Systems are the market leaders in our respective markets worldwide.

Siebel 7 and CorDaptix together are an extension of a shared vision to provide relevant solutions for our energy clients now and in the future.” Siebel Systems and SPL WorldGroup share some of the pre-eminant energy clients across the world, including, but not limited to, some of the world’s largest and most innovative utilities including PG&E, Electricity de France, Npower, and Texas Utilities.

About SPL WorldGroup

Established in 1994, SPL WorldGroup is a provider of best-of-breed customer management solutions to the energy and service related industries in regulated and competitive markets worldwide. With a 100% record of successful implementations, SPL continues to demonstrate its place as the market leader in providing flexible and scalable customer management solutions that evolve with client requirements and enable unrivaled business responsiveness.

SPL employs over 600 professionals in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific and has delivered its customer management products to more than 50 energy, water and waste management customers worldwide. Visit SPL WorldGroup at www.splwg.com or call (973) 539-6268 (New Jersey), (415) 541-9462 (San Francisco), or within the US and Canada, (800) 275-4775.

About Siebel Systems Siebel Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SEBL) is the world’s provider of eBusiness applications software.

Siebel Systems provides an integrated family of eBusiness applications software, enabling multichannel sales, marketing, and customer service systems to be deployed over the Web, call centers, field, reseller channels, retail, and dealer networks. Siebel Systems’ sales and service facilities are located in more than 37 countries. For more information, please visit Siebel Systems’ Web site at www.siebel.com.


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