Spring brings cooler temperatures to Pacific Northwest

Sea-surface temperatures across the equatorial Pacific Ocean have not changed much during the past month and continue to run near to or slightly cooler than average in most areas. As a result, the ENSO phase is still neutral and indicates temperatures will remain through the spring months.

As for the April temperature outlook, slightly cooler than normal temperatures are forecast for parts of the Pacific Northwest. This might result in a surplus of late-season heating degree-days by between 30 and 60 during the month. Heating costs also could be somewhat higher across this part of the country.

In contrast, slightly above normal temperatures are predicated throughout portions of the Midwest, southern Great Lakes and Ohio Valley, where a deficit of heating degree-days between 30 and 60 is expected. The southern Plains and South also will see warmer than normal readings, which could result in a surplus of early-season cooling degree-days and somewhat higher early-season cooling costs across these regions. Temperatures are forecast to be close to normal from the northern Plains back to the Great Basin and across much of the East Coast.

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