Square D/Schneider Recognized for Its e-Business Efforts

While most might be surprised that a manufacturer of electrical distribution and automation equipment-an industry generally assumed to be mired in the pre-e age-would lead the list, regular readers of eWeek have frequently seen Square D high in the magazine’s rankings. Since giving the company its top Internet technology innovator award, the magazine also has ranked Square D high on its report cards of manufacturing innovators and e-business innovators.

AEP-Central Power and Light (AEP) and Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE) in late July joined with ABB Power Systems and EPRI to dedicate a first-of-its-kind electrical tie using a new high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) technology. The electric tie links the transmission system of AEP with the Mexican transmission system owned and operated by CFE. The new “asynchronous” technology converts the formerly incompatible alternating currents (ac) of both countries to direct current (dc). As a result, operators at AEP’s Eagle Pass substation can allow power transfer between the two countries without interrupting customers.


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