States close in on RPS targets, renewables slow

SNL Energy

SNL Energy found that generation from qualifying renewables accounted for 8 percent of total 2011 generation subject to renewable portfolio standards (RPS) requirements. That compares favorably with the aggregate target of 7.6 percent for 2012.

“With perhaps the least aggressive RPS target in the country, Iowa leads all states exceeding RPS targets,” according to the report. “The current mandate for the state requires the state’s two investor-owned utilities, MidAmerican Energy Co. and Interstate Power & Light Co., to own or contract for a combined total of 105 MW of qualifying renewable generating capacity. Iowa saw nearly 12,000 GWh of generation in 2011, most of which was made up of wind. The SNL Energy study found that 11 states were exceeding RPS targets, with the majority of those by a sizable margin. Despite overall weak load in 2011, 14 states were found to be short of the 2012 RPS target based on the 2011 data.”

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