Study Focuses on Energy Commodities

Study Focuses on Energy Commodities

The commoditization of electricity and natural gas places extraordinary emphasis on information technology (IT) investments and capabilities of companies planning to compete in the burgeoning industry, concludes a recent study. The study points to IT as a pivotal factor in both predicting which companies will gain an early upper hand in head-to-head competition and in the shaping of an energy marketing infrastructure.

Aberdeen Group Inc. says the energy industry has reached a “new event horizon” in a recent report detailing the current and future environment for energy trading with a sharply increased reliance on IT.

Aberdeen Group declares it discovered early in its information gathering something most energy marketers already know: risk is high, prices are volatile and profit margin expectations are declining. However, Aberdeen Group analysts also found that those companies utilizing integrated energy transaction management systems have generally fared better in managing their trading interests, supply commitments and the associated risks.

The Aberdeen Group lists five industry-driven mandates for today`s energy transaction systems–real-time event driven trading, consolidation of data into a single database, flexibility and scalability to support growing transaction volumes, and fault tolerance with non-stop availability. For a copy of the Aberdeen Group study, contact Jennifer Sudkamp at 713-546-2230.

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