Sunstroom to build 50 MW solar thermal plant in Spain

Saucedilla, Spain, August 12, 2009 – Sunstroom Energy Investments, a designer, builder and operator of renewable energy plants, is planning to build a 50 MW solar thermal electricity plant in Saucedilla, Càƒ¡ceres, in the Extremadura province of Spain. The Company aims to raise over à¢â€š¬300 million to fund the project.

The Extremadura solar thermal park will cover a surface area of 271 hectares, and will be producing renewable electricity in one of the sunniest regions in the world. This park, called Thermostroom 1, will use concentrating solar power (CSP) technology which harnesses parabolic mirrors to capture heat from the sun. The stored heat, in the form of steam, in turn drives a turbine to produce electricity.

In common with the company’s existing sites, Thermostroom 1 has full support from local municipalities and mayors. This political support already has helped Sunstroom to secure a lease on the site, along with outline planning, environmental and operational permits. Sunstroom has signed agreements with world-class technology suppliers, engineering partners and utility companies with experience of similar power plants, both in Spain and the U.S.

Construction of Thermostroom 1 is expected to take 2 years.

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