Sure Power and Trane partner to provide high-availability power with built-in cooling

DANBURY, Conn., August 27, 2001 – Sure Power Corp., a provider of reliable onsite electricity generation systems, has entered into a strategic alliance with the air conditioning company Trane.

Through the partnership, Trane will provide HVAC systems for Sure Power’s patent-pending systems. Together, the two companies will enable energy dependent businesses – such as data centers, high-tech manufactures and energy utilities – to install independent, high-reliability, primary-power sources, filling a need in the market for both a constant supply of uninterruptible, computer-grade electricity and state of the art cooling systems.

High-tech facilities are, in industry terms, “closed boxes.” The power used by their equipment creates as much as 100 watts of by-product energy per square-foot. Since this excess heat cannot escape the box, an appropriate cooling system is required to prevent temperatures from reaching heights that can destroy high-tech components and force systems to shut down. With the Sure Power-Trane system combination, businesses can create their own electricity onsite while also producing the cooling needed to keep the power system running efficiently.

In addition, the by-product heat produced by the system can be used to meet the building’s heating needs. For example, the First National Bank of Omaha, where a Sure Power system was installed in 1999, uses the heat produced by the system to melt snow from its sidewalks in the winter.

“With the electricity needed to power high tech and e-commerce, it comes as no surprise to anyone that cooling is a critical issue,” said John Cox, sales engineer with the Trane New Haven commercial sales office. “The opportunity to work with Sure Power to bring our experience with cooling systems to onsite power systems is a great way for us to expand our business in the high-tech market.”

“Cooling is a critical component to any successful onsite power system,” said Bill Frederick, chief operating officer of Sure Power Corporation, “and with Trane as a partner, we are assuring our customers high availability power in combination with high quality cooling.”

About The Trane Company

Trane is a manufacturer and supplier of central air conditioning systems, equipment, controls, service and parts for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings and a premier brand for residential air conditioning. Trane is a division of American Standard Companies. More information about Trane can be found at

About Sure Power Corporation

Sure Power Corporation, a privately-held company located in Danbury, Conn., has applied the principle of RAID architecture (or the Redundant Array of Independent Devices) to the generation of electrical power.

Its systems incorporate multiple generators such as turbines, fuel cells and gas reciprocating engines into patent-pending configurations that do not depend on any individual component to operate.

More information about Sure Power Corporation can be found at

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