Surge protection that goes to the head of the class

MELBOURNE, Fla., If you are looking for surge protection that meets the standard described by IEC 61312, where the surge protector could carry a partial share of the lightning surge current, then you should take a close look at the new MA3100 Series from MTL Surge Technologies.

The MA3100 Series offers a full product range for coordinated surge protection to IEC 61312 and is rated according to IEC 61643. “The MA3100 Series offers three classes of protection,” according to MTL Surge Technologies President, Anthony Bird. “There is the Class I lightning current arrester, Class II surge current arrester, and Class III surge protector. Our Class I device – rated for 60kA (10/350 ?s) is one of the most compact, space saving products on the market.”

The MA3100 Series:

“- Class I – 60kA (10/350 ?s) DIN rail mounting, single pole width 18mm!

“- Class II – 45kA (8/20 ?s) DIN rail mounting, single pole width and multi-pole (single and three phase)

“- Class III – RFI/EMI filtering in addition to excellent levels of surge protection, DIN rail mounting.

Class I lightning arresters offer a very high performance able to withstand the impact of a 60kA impulse – levels significantly higher than called for in IEC 61643 for a Class I device.

Class II surge current arresters are designed to work both as standalone units and in a cascade coordination with a Class I lightning arrester.

Class II devices are available in single width modules for maximum user flexibility, double width for all-mode protection on single phase systems and quad width modules for all-mode protection on 3-phase systems. Many Class II modules have remote monitoring capabilities as a standard feature.

Voltage free, normally open, normally closed contacts can be used for a variety of monitoring tasks. Class III devices are used to protect a single instrument. The MA15 is an excellent example of a Class III protector.

The MA3100 Series incorporates a space saving, DIN rail mounted design. Even the powerful single pole module is only 18 mm wide. Each device is simply connected in parallel with the power system via a fused spur.

“The Series fulfills the IEC’s cascade protection philosophy, provides a company with one source for all its surge protection devices and offers the most cost-effective way to provide protection throughout a facility,” Bird said.

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MTL Surge Technologies is the market leader in complete surge protection for all plant systems including instrumentation, AC power and communications networks in hazardous and non-hazardous locations.

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