Sustainable, clean power generation saving energy, the environment and money for Marin County

March 19, 2004 — RWE SCHOTT Solar, Inc. (RSS), a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality solar modules and systems, announced, along with its installation contractor, Prevalent Power, Inc., a Novato California-based clean energy developer and systems integrator, that their customer, the County of Marin, California, is now powering one of its maintenance buildings entirely by the sun, effectively reducing the county’s overall energy consumption, reducing the production of greenhouse gases and eliminating the electricity cost for the building each month.

Through its offices and website, Marin County offers up a host of energy savings tips, information and guidelines for residents of Marin County and anyone interested in energy efficiency and conservation programs. The county takes an active role in the community promoting clean power and green building information.

This installation of an 89kW RSS SunRoof(tm) non-penetrating flat roof photovoltaic system is the latest in the county’s lead-by-example commitment to environmental-friendly projects and energy-savings programs.

“The PV system installed at the county’s facility is representative of the Marin County Board of Supervisor’s environmental and financial foresight. By spending some money now, the county will, over the long-term, reap environmental and financial benefits well beyond the point from when the system pays for itself,” said Marc Roper, director of sales for RWE SCHOTT Solar. “The County of Marin is to be commended. In these times of tough politics and tightening budgets, its Board has continually demonstrated leadership and commitment to saving energy and reducing pollution.”

The SunRoof PV system literally and figuratively caps Marin County’s energy savings program. Dedicated to reducing emissions, power usage and energy costs through a series of energy conservation activities, the county first did an analysis of its power consumption then reduced its energy use through a series of projects to improve its building’s insulation, lighting and ventilation systems.

Next, it wanted to generate its own power. After completing a competitive selection process, the county brought in RSS and Prevalent Power, which together, engineered and designed a PV system that would zero-out one of the county building’s electricity bills.

“Through a series of financial incentive programs and low cost loans for these types of systems, we were able to create a financial package with loan payments equaling slightly less that our monthly savings on electrical bills,” said Rick Carlsen, assistant director of Public Works for the County of Marin.

“So over the course of a year, the system will actually average out on a monthly basis to produce more than it costs. Then, in a few years after the system pays itself off, the money that was earmarked for loan payments can be applied to other public uses.”

The County of Marin continues to demonstrate leadership in environmental programs and energy savings policies.

For more information on the County’s energy programs, please go to its Building Energy Efficient Structures Today web pages at For more information on the dedication event, please contact Marin County at 415-499-7309.

A contract for the project was announced in August 2003 (RWE SCHOTT Solar and Prevalent Power Contract to Advance Marin County California’s Energy Conservation Program) For its contribution to the county’s program, RSS completed an electrical usage evaluation and determined that an 89kW SunRoof FS system, capable of powering 30-60 average homes, would bring the General Services Garage’s electricity bill to nearly zero.

The system installs directly on the garage’s flat roof without any penetration. The modules are linked for maximum strength and stability, while also simplifying installation, inspection and maintenance. The system is expected to pay for itself in about 12 years.


RWE SCHOTT Solar Inc. is a North American manufacturer and distributor of solar power components and systems, serving customers throughout the Americas from sales offices in California, Massachusetts and the State of Washington.

The company’s U.S. headquarters and manufacturing facility in Billerica, Massachusetts, produces the largest solar power module available worldwide, the ASE 300â„-. A pioneer in the design and development of complete solar power solutions, RWE SCHOTT Solar Inc. serves a highly diverse market including grid-connected residential and commercial systems, and grid-independent industrial, governmental and utility applications.

RWE SCHOTT Solar Inc. is a joint venture of the RWE Group, a global international multi-utility concern with core businesses in electricity, gas, water, waste management and recycling; and the SCHOTT Group, a leading international specialty glass manufacturer. The RWE and SCHOTT companies had combined sales of over $55 billion in 2002, and employ nearly 150,000 people worldwide.

For more information, please visit: RWE Schott Solar Inc. –; RWE Group –; Schott Group –

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