SWPA Completes Acceptance Test

SWPA Completes Acceptance Test

Southwestern Power Administration (SWPA), Springfield, Mo., completed the final acceptance test of its EMS after demonstrating system availability in excess of 99.9 percent over a 60-day test period. The system, delivered by Advanced Control Systems (ACS), is the manufacturer`s first large-scale, open system UNIX-based EMS to complete final acceptance testing.

The final acceptance test included a continuous availability test for all critical equipment and system functions. Availability tests were only conducted when all RTUs were connected to the master station, allowing ACS to demonstrate the industry`s first operational system with DNP 3.0 Protocol between a master and RTU. All results were monitored by SWPA in accordance with strictly defined quality assurance acceptance procedures developed to meet SWPA specifications.

The ACS PRISM EMS installed at SWPA is a fully redundant PRISM master station utilizing a distributed architecture configuration. The system configuration includes two Hewlett Packard (HP) 9000, 800 Series servers as redundant host EMS servers, two HP 9000, 800 Series servers as redundant communications servers and one HP 800 Series advanced applications server with network security analysis applications. User interfaces include a total of 16 operator`s consoles, five HP 9000, 700 Series multi-headed workstations, seven HP 9000, 700 Series single-headed workstations and four HP 700 Series X-terminals. In addition, eight ACS OpEnConnect Communications Gateways with support of 129 initial and future communications channels are configured for redundancy and future expansion with two different protocols: TRW 9550 and DNP 3.0.

SWPA, a U.S. Department of Energy agency, supplies electric power produced at federally owned hydroelectric dams to meet municipals` and rural cooperatives` peak-load needs. SWPA sells power to wholesale power customers servicing more than two million retail customers in Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. SWPA is headquartered in Tulsa, Okla.

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