System testing under way for new power plant in New Hampshire

Londonderry, New Hampshire, September 5, 2001 – System testing is under way in preparation for new power plant.

Preliminary testing of the substation interconnections between the new AES Granite Ridge power plant, now under construction, and the New England electrical grid is taking place this month. The joint venture team of E/PRO Engineering and Environmental Consulting, LLC (E/PRO), and E.S. Boulos Company (ESB) is now testing the electrical equipment that will connect the AES natural-gas-fired generating facility to the regional transmission grid.

The plant, which will be one of the cleanest and most efficient generators of electricity in the country, is due to be in service in June of 2002, in time for the region peak summer electricity needs.

The commissioning process consists of testing the technically complex equipment and controls in the substations between the power plant and the transmission system. The testing is essential to guarantee a seamless energizing of the plant for electricity consumers in New England.

AES is the world’s largest global power company with 137 power facilities in 20 countries, serving more than 50 million people. This 720 Megawatt (MW) power plant is located within the approximately 100-acre industrially-zoned Londonderry Ecological-Industrial Park, south of the Manchester, New Hampshire Airport.

The E/PRO–ESB joint venture scope of work is one piece of the complex process of building the power plant and connecting it to the regional electrical grid. The joint venture team is responsible for engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of three new substations and all the related controls linking the plant to the regional transmission system.

Under a separate contract, the E/PRO–ESB joint venture is managing the construction of a 1.3 mile 115 kilovolt (kV) transmission line and 3.1 miles of double circuit 230 kV transmission lines from the plant to the switching stations.

The completion of this clean, efficient facility will be a positive step in securing a reliable supply of low-cost electricity for the New England region. For more information about the AES project, visit:

E/PRO Engineering & Environmental Consulting, LLC is a supplier of engineering consulting services in the power generation and utility markets. From offices in Augusta, ME., Montpelier, VT., and Franklin, MA., E/PRO provides engineering, design, environmental permitting, and construction support services for substations, transmission lines, and power generation facilities. For more information about E/PRO, see their web site at

ESB is the electrical contractor in Maine. They are a wholly owned subsidiary of Northeast Generation Services, a Northeast Utilities deregulated company. From their headquarters in Westbrook, Maine, ESB services clients in the utility, power generation, pharmaceutical, and industrial markets. Their web site is:

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