TC Communications offers new serial-to-Ethernet converter for poll/response SCADA networks

Irvine, CA, Jan. 9, 2006 — A new serial-to-Ethernet converter for SCADA networks that converts RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 asynchronous data to packets for poll/response transmission over Ethernet networks is now available from TC Communications.

The Model TC3420 RS-232/422/485 “Ethernet Converter Multi-Poll” is compatible with all popular Ethernet switches and similar devices. It is transparent to data or communications protocols and can be configured in bus, ring or redundant ring topologies. A web-based browser is provided to view or change networks settings such as IP addresses.

Configured master/slave, the TC3420’s are typically used to link serial data RTUs and PLCs to a host controller or CPU over an Ethernet network in Utility, SCADA & Process Control LANs. An extreme temperature version is available for harsh environments.

Diagnostics include local/remote loopback, alarm relay and a built-in Test Signal Generator to verify both device and link operations.

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