Telecoms Y2K ready … Almost

The Network Reliability and Interoperability Council (NRIC) describes the efforts of the U.S. telecommunications industry as “generally successful” in a recent report. About 99 percent of the public switched-telephone network (PTSN) switches of large local exchange carriers were Y2K compliant as of June 1999. Major inter-exchange carriers` switches were “virtually 100 percent Y2K ready,” according to the NRIC.

In an Aug. 5 presentation at the NRIC Forum, Ray Albers, Bell Atlantic vice president and chairman of the NRIC network reliability steering committee, reported all “failure categories” were in the “green,” but some procedural errors persisted during the NRIC`s first-quarter 1999 tests. “This is the second consecutive quarter in which procedural error was the majority root cause of all reported outages,” he said.

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