Telemetric announces new GSM/GPRS DNP remote telemetry modules

BOISE, Idaho, June 27, 2005 — Telemetric Corporation, a leader in end-to-end wireless communication solutions for the electric utility industry, announced the addition of new GSM/GPRS (Global System for Mobile communications/General Packet Radio Service) models to their family of DNP Remote Telemetry Modules (RTM). The new GSM/GPRS units are excellent for applications requiring frequent communications and large amounts of data with speeds up to 85k bps. The DNP-RTM units provide two-way communications using the cellular network to DNP compliant Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED’s) or RTU’s.

DNP-RTM’s allow customers to monitor, control and report changes automatically via web-based applications or directly to SCADA, Energy Management Systems, or other systems. Electric utilities throughout the United States and Canada have deployed DNP-RTM’s to communicate with reclosers, switches, capacitor banks, network protectors, relays and meters.

The GPRS/GSM units can be installed anywhere Cingular/AT&T GPRS or EDGE service is available and there is a wide range of data service plans to support different applications. Customers can now purchase the new units for areas of their system with GPRS or EDGE coverage and analog units for areas with just analog coverage. Both units are supported simultaneously by the Telemetric Network Operation Center and applications.

“The introduction of the GSM/GPRS unit demonstrates Telemetric’s commitment to providing customers with the latest digital cellular technology for their communications and control applications. In addition, Telemetric provides a flexible and seamless transition from analog to digital technology” said Joe Bowen, Telemetric’s Chief Technology Officer.

Unlike private radio networks that require large investment in communications infrastructure, the DNP-RTM communicates through the digital or analog commercial wireless network, delivering very cost effective solutions that can be rapidly deployed. Users can be notified of events via pager, e-mail or the information can be delivered to their SCADA or Energy Management system. They may also view and manage their device information on their own secure web page using a standard web browser..One of the key features of the DNP-RTM is intelligent report by exception, giving customers the ability to always have current information available while minimizing data traffic:

* User defined exception events programmed into the DNP RTM constantly monitor for DNP status changes on up to 99 points, and transfer only exception events over the wireless system,

* Users can set time scheduled reports to transmit from the DNP RTM on selected time intervals, e.g. transfer analog load data from a recloser control every 15 minutes,

* Updates on demand via SCADA or web applications

Intelligent report by exception allows for efficient data transfer, which makes for more rapid communications and very cost effective data plan charges. Application data service plans are available from 35k bytes to 5MB per month or more.

Telemetric has integrated the DNP-RTM with over 28 popular DNP3.0 compatible IED controls – including reclosers, switches, capacitor banks, network protectors, relays, voltage regulators and power meters.

Custom DNP configurations can be created by Telemetric application engineers.

Analog units can be upgraded to GPRS technology for a charge. Customers now have the assurance they can receive information from areas with only analog service today knowing the units can be upgraded to work on digital systems in the future.

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Telemetric is an industry leader in wireless communications and control solutions for the electric utility industry. Telemetric solutions are installed at more than 150 utilities nationwide, allowing them to cost-effectively monitor and control equipment on their electric distribution systems. Telemetric solutions allow utilities to make the most of their electric distribution assets – communicate more efficiently, control field assets, respond to power interruptions and equipment problems, and automate reporting functions, resulting in lower operating costs and more reliable power. Telemetric’s end-to-end wireless solutions are reliable, secure and cost-effective.

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