Telemetric announces three new remote telemetry modules: DistribuTECH update

Tampa, FL, Feb. 20, 2005 — Telemetric Corp., a provider of end-to-end wireless communication solutions for the electric utility industry, announced the addition of three new models to their family of intelligent wireless remote telemetry modules (RTMs).

Unlike private radio networks that require investment in communications infrastructure, the RTMs communicate through the commercial wireless networks. Users can be notified of events via pager, e-mail or the information can be delivered to their SCADA system, energy management system or other applications. They may also view and manage their device information on their own secure web page using a standard web browser.

The first new model communicates with up to five different intelligent electronic devices (IED’s) or RTU’s using DNP 3.0 protocol. The new model allows users to monitor and control up to 100 DNP points on each IED. The device is an ideal solution for communicating with voltage regulators, network protectors or small distribution substations.

The second new model communicates with advanced electric meters using the new ANSI C12.18/19 protocol. This new model provides a solution for obtaining customer load profile information for commercial and industrial customers or substation delivery points. It is designed for load forecasting applications requiring frequent reads.

The third new model communicates with any IED using Cooper 2179 protocol. This model enables customers to communicate directly with older Cooper reclosers using Form 4C controls.

All of the new models use the Cingular/AT&T GSM/GPRS or EDGE networks and are excellent for applications requiring frequent communications and/or large amounts of data with speeds up to 85k bps. The RTM units provide two-way communications using the cellular networks to any supported IED. RTM’s allow customers to monitor, control, and report changes automatically via web-based applications or directly to SCADA systems, energy management systems or other applications.

The new RTM units can be installed anywhere Cingular/AT&T, and their roaming partners, GPRS or EDGE service is available. Telemetric offers a range of data service plans to support different applications. All units are supported by the Telemetric Network Operation Center and applications.

One of the key features of the RTMs is intelligent report by exception, giving customers the ability to always have current information available while minimizing data traffic:
* User defined exception or alarm events programmed into the RTM constantly monitor for status changes, and transfer only exception events or alarms over the wireless system;
* Users can set time scheduled reports or reads to transmit from the RTM on selected time intervals, e.g. transfer load data from a recloser control or kWh data from a meter every 15 minutes;
* Users can request updates or a read at any time via the secure web applications.

Telemetric has integrated the RTM with many popular IED controls. Custom configurations can be created by Telemetric application engineers.

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