Telemetric helps Cisco Systems conserve energy

BOISE, Idaho, Aug. 28, 2001 – Telemetricà¢â€ž- announced today that they are providing wireless remote monitoring and control units to Cisco Systems, headquartered in San Jose, California, to aid in Cisco’s energy conservation efforts.

Cisco was the first company to be awarded a grant from the California Energy Commission to implement techniques that can reduce energy usage within 15 minutes during an energy emergency. Installing the Telemetric units is one of the ways that Cisco’s Energy Monitoring team has identified to cut energy usage by more than 1.5 megawatts within 15 minutes. The Energy Commission has recently completed an inspection and approval of this project.

During times of high energy usage, Cisco can go to a secure web site, designed by Telemetric, and issue a single command to turn off energy consuming devices, such as fountains, thereby cutting back its electricity usage. Telemetric uses wireless communications from’s patented MicroBurstà¢â€ž- technology that utilizes the excess capacity on the public cellular network, known as the non-voice channels.

Striving to head off predicted rolling blackouts, Cisco and other manufactures in the Silicon Valley have agreed to work together to lower electricity usage during peak demand. Dubbed “Blackout Busters,” these corporations are lowering lights, cutting back on air-conditioning and heat, and turning off nonessential equipment during peak usage to avoid rolling blackouts this summer. The load management sub-committee of the Silicon Valley Manufacturing Group (chaired by Mukesh Khattar of Oracle and Nayeem Sheikh of Cisco) developed the Blackout Busters program and is still signing up participants.

“Our deal with Cisco is another validation of the effectiveness of Telemetric’s technology,” said Scott Schoenherr, Telemetric’s CEO. He added, “With all the conservation efforts currently underway throughout the country, more and more companies are looking for cost-effective ways to remotely monitor and control high energy-consuming processes.”

The Telemetric MicroRTUà¢â€ž- is a small remote terminal unit that can monitor and control a variety of equipment. The MicroRTU communicates with Telemetric’s web server over the non-voice or control channel of the public cellular network. Customers are able to monitor and control critical equipment through a secure web interface.

About Telemetric

Telemetric Corporation is a wireless telemetry company providing products and services that enable remote control and monitoring of equipment and machinery. Telemetric’s MicroRTUà¢â€ž- monitors and controls remote equipment through the Web using wireless communications via cellular non-voice technology that is bundled with the product.

Telemetric is privately held with headquarters in Boise, Idaho. For more information, please visit, or e-mail to

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