Telergy announces new dark fiber agreements valued at more than $56 million

“Over the past two quarters, our company has experienced tremendous growth in dark fiber sales,” said J. Patrick Barrett, Telergy President. “We believe the increasing demand for bandwidth, diversity and last-mile access has been a large part of our success. It’s taken six years to attain these difficult land rights and develop our network, but thanks to challenging market conditions we appear to be appreciating our value. Companies are realizing that it is not easy to replicate last-mile networks in an area where land is either scarce or congested.”

SAN DIEGO, Calif., Jan. 29, 2001 (BUSINESS WIRE)—In what is widely considered to certify San Diego’s leadership role in the development and implementation of government-based information technology, California State legislators including State Senate Majority Leader, Richard Polanco, Assemblyman Marco Firebaugh, Chair Information Technology for Assembly, and California’s Chief Information Officer Elias Cortez will be visiting San Diego to review, with City leaders, technology developed by the City’s Data Processing Corporation.

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